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Arizona Designer Craft & Art is an incorporated, member-owned and operated 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Board members are elected from the membership.


AZDCA was originally organized as Arizona Designer Craftsmen in June of 1959 in Sedona for and by a group of individual craftsmen. Vanderbilt Webb, Chairman of the Board of the American Crafts Council, came to Arizona to help organize the group. Some of the craftsmen attending that first meeting were Ben Goo, Maurice Grossman, Charles Loloma, Lloyd Kiva, Mary Pendleton, Berta Wright, Don Schaumburg, Adrian Shaw, Elsie and Ray Graves, Margaret Graves and Bertha Wunderlich.


In July of 2020, with membership input, the Board voted to evolve into Arizona Designer Craft & Art,

to better represent our membership and our mission.



Arizona Designer Craft & Art is committed to advance contemporary crafts related activities in Arizona. We Achieve this through:


The development of public awareness of high quality craft work

Encouragement of high standards of design and workmanship

Experimentation in new materials and techniques

Providing opportunities for the sale of art by individual members




Board Members

President: OPEN

Vice President & President pro tem: Pat Glover

Treasurer: Chris Eggers

Secretary: Sonia Irvin

Exhibition Chairperson: OPEN

Parliamentarian: Sudha Achar

Jury Chairman: OPEN

Social Media Chair: OPEN

Website Chair: OPEN

Board Member at Large: Nancy Dorobiala

Board Member at Large: Chris Eggers

Board Member at Large: Barbara Kingdon

Auxiliary Positions

Statuary Agent: Jeanne Jerousek-McAninch

About: About Us
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