“Where’s The Clasp?” with Alison Antelman

“Where’s The Clasp?” with Alison Antelman



March 12, 13 & 14, 2021 – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm MST

Skill Level: Intermediate


Questions about this workshop?  You can contact Jeanne Jerousek at jemcaninch@outlook.com or Pat Glover at patglover@comcast.net.


Create a one-of-a-kind key clasp to unify your art jewelry. Students make a front key clasp necklace with stainless steel neck wire by fabricating terminals and soldering sterling to stainless steel cable. Students are encouraged to go with their own design inclinations and to explore new ideas in creating cohesive finished jewelry. Clasps can be textured, chased, roller printed, etched, domes, hydraulic press shapes, with stones, with enamel... the variety is endless as you come up with your own solutions.


We’ll discuss possibilities for customizing your clasp to fit your designs. Students are welcome to show projects in need of a clasp and we’ll trouble shoot the situation. This class is meant to get you thinking about connections, functional, practical and aesthetic aspects of use.


Step-by-step handouts are supplied along with a kit. Samples will be shown. Basic fabrication including knowledge of soldering is required


BIO: Alison B. Antelman exhibits and sells her work from her studio, galleries and at craft shows nationally. She’s participated in gallery exhibitions from los Angeles to massachusetts including at Mobilia and facere galleries and the Palos Verdes Art Center. She was awarded Honorable Mention at Lakefront Festival of Art at the Milwalkee Art Museum, 2018 CraftBoston Holiday Award of Distinction in jewelry, she is a 2015 Niche Award winner, won First Place in the 2014 Charles Lewton Brain Fold-Forming Competition and 2017 & 2015 Best of Jewelry at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts & Crafts Festival. Her work is published in New Bracelets (due out 2021 Promo Press in UK), JCK Magazine, MJSA Journal, Art Jewelry Today 4 and Jewelry 3 by Schiffer Publishing, Showcase 500 Art Necklaces and 500 Gemstone Jewels by Lark Books, Lapidary Journal’s Jewelry Artist Magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle. She has written articles for lapidary Journal, Jewelry Artist and Metalsmith Magazines, given lectures, teaches workshops through art centers and Guilds nationally. She is often found creating one-of-a-kind jewelry in her well-lit studio. The sawtooth building in Berkeley, California.


KIT Fees: $28. (Included with Registration Fee) This kit supplied by teacher includes: Handouts (Step-by-step notes with images; (4”) 1.6mm x .010 light wall tubing to fit 18g and for terminals; (2)22g sterling sheet cut in strips for clasp walls, 3mm x 6 inches;(3 inches) 18g round wire for stem of key; (3 inches) 20g round wire for safety latch, hinge pins; (40 inches) Stainless steel cable – 304 stainless steel cable non-coated. 7 x 7 strand core cable size 1/32 inch. NEED wire cutters; (1 sheet) Sandpaper; Assorted sea glass – If you choose to set a stone provide your own fine silver bezel. You may use your own stones, keep to a modest size for this exercise.


***Students supply: 22g sterling silver minimally 1 by 6 inches, no need to cut it down, make silver balls out of silver scrap, bezel if you choose to set a stone.


Basic Studio Needs for Online “Where’s the Clasp” Workshop: Student Kit supplied by teacher; Students supply 22 or 24g sheet 1 x 6, (no need to cut it from larger sheet); Students supply silver balls made from scrap; extra sterling silver sheet and wire in 16/18/20g available; Bezel wire ONLY if you plan on using a stone; SOLDERING SUPPLIES: including: torch, flux, sheet/chip and/or wire solder pad and/or charcoal block, flux, pic, third hand, tweezers, pickle pot, etc. BASIC TOOL KIT: Bench pin, hand tools, files large/small, pliers, saw, saw/blades 2/0 or 3/0. PLIERS: round, half round, flat/chain nose, cutters; SHARPIE; FILES: mini sizes 4 inch cut #2 (my preference), round - Part# 131.583GR, three sided:- Part# 131.630GR. Flat/equaling - Part# 131.498GR from www.Ottofrei.com; Rulers/Caliphers; Scribe; Safety Glasses; Hole punch/drill starter hole nail for drilling; Drill Bits: various sizes 2, 2.5mm or in between, no need to exact sizing. You can use anything that’s meant to drill metal (only 1 hole); Burs: cone or round; Steel Wire Cutters for stainless steel cable wire (I use bicycle wire cable cutters/work better than regular wire cutters (search JKP 0690TN for cutting bike spokes www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MKBW187/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b assin title o00 s00?ie=UTF 8&psc=1; shears/clippers/joyce chen/airplane shears Tube cutting OR Miter jig (example: Otto Frei: Part# 126.450; Chasing Hammer/flat surface hammer/ to forge safety latch on clasp; Setting tools & burrs – if applicable to your project.

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