"Using Patterned/Embossed/ Burnt Gold Foil in Enamel" with Jan Harrell

"Using Patterned/Embossed/ Burnt Gold Foil in Enamel" with Jan Harrell

May 1 & 2, 2021 – 10:00 am to 4:00 pm MST

Skill Level: This workshop is open to all levels but these techniques are best utilized by some foundation and experience in enamel.


Questions about this workshop?  You can contact Jeanne Jerousek at jemcaninch@outlook.com or Lyle Rayfield at info@lylerayfield.com.


The price of gold is over $1600 an ounce, but there is no other color quite like it!


In this workshop, you will learn a cost-effective way to incorporate gold into enamel projects by capturing gold foil under and over glass. Jan will demonstrate three specific techniques using a single sheet of Japanese gold foil. Many samples will be shown, along with finished projects. Jan's goal is to provide students with a better understanding of the ways in which gold foil can be manipulated to create exciting, high-impact textures and patterns.(While silver foil can be used, the results will not be as crisp, because of the difference in the foil’s thickness.) This workshop is open to all levels but these techniques are best utilized by some foundation and experience in enamel.


Session 1:


In this Zoom workshop, Jan will demonstrate three different ways to use gold foil to enhance small enamel projects. The following will be covered in this session:

  • Metal preparation
  • Basic enamel procedures
  • Sifters and sprayers
  • Surfactants
  • Preparation of gold foil/silver foil/gold leaf
  • Stencils


Jan will provide homework assignments for students to complete between the two sessions. Students will have the opportunity to practice the techniques taught and to share pieces at various stages of completion in Session 2.


Session 2:


In this Zoom class, Jan will build on the information from the first session. The group will review and discuss student pieces. Jan will trouble-shoot, answer questions, and give suggestions for alternative enhancements. There will be a demo of the gold leaf usage. In addition, Jan will cover the ins and outs of sugar firing in this session. At the close of the two sessions, participants come away with not only exciting new foil techniques, but valuable enamel insights from a leader in the field to benefit their practice.


BIO: Jan has been involved in the enamel medium for over forty years. She received her BFA in Jewelry and Enamel from Texas Tech University of Houston where she received her MFA in Sculpture in 2007. For the last twenty-eight years, she has been the enameling instructor at the Glassell School of Art, the teaching school for the museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas. Jan exhibits jewelry scale and small object work nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of numerous awards. Her work is included in several books on enameling and metalsmithing. View her work on the web site www.janharrell.com.



KIT Fees: No Kit

Supply List for Embossed/Patterned/Burnt Gold Workshop

In order to try this technique, besides the usual basic metal and enameling tools, additional materials will be needed:

ENAMELS: -assorted leaded or unleaded enamels of your choice (perhaps an opaque black or any color that looks good with gold – which is almost anything!) -Counter enamel for the pieces -2015 or 2020 flux – 2 Oz-https://www.riogrande.com -If you want an unleaded – 2110 Thompson Wax Yellow is a good transparent

These are gorgeous leaded colors to put on top of the gold -NS 190-2 oz. - https://www.enamelartsupply.com -NS G110-2oz – https://www.enamelartsupply.com

TOOLS: -1 each 100 and 200 mesh 2 inch enamel sifters – https://www.enamelartsupply.com -1 220 diamond pad-https://www.enamelartsupply.com -a fine mist sprayer (can be a small mister, spritzer – needs a fine spray)

  • Materials: - 1 sheet 24 kt gold foil – https://www.enamelartsupply.com (more if you want to work on many pieces or work bigger (my first class said they wished they had ordered more than 1) - a few sheets of gold leaf – 1 particularly like the 23.75k Triple Genuine Gold Leaf from https://www.goldleafproducts.com . It seems to be a bit thicker – be sure not to get Patent but the loose

1 pkg woven fiber discs – https://www.riogrande.com/product/woven-fiber-4-1-2-kiln-disc/350049

  • klyrfire 4 Oz -small square of 220/280 wet and dry sandpaper -some Dawn detergent -small 6 inch piece of copper/iron binding wire – thin gauge 20/22 -not critical -1 sheet mica-https://www.enamelartsupply.com -several small jewelry scale pieces – 20/22/24 gauge – these can be slightly domed or hydraulic pressed or flat -some paper stencils (these will be explained so wait to get) -plastic needlepoint canvas (JoAnn’s or Michaels/circular or square) plastic needle point canvas


These things go without saying that are needed:

-Kiln and all the firing equipment -A method for cleaning copper that has fire scale- container with Sparex or acid of your choice, copper tongs -Green scrubby pad -Comet cleanser

Extra but not necessary- -set of grade sifters kit 725 https://www.cooltools -small pieces of deeply etched copper


In my last Zoom of ALL THAT GLITTERS I showed some things I use in my studio that I am particularly fond of. You will see these during the demos. Instead of having to stop and ask for particulars, I have included this to make it easy for you to order if you care to. This is certainly not required – but we all love new materials and tools!! RussmanPink Debubblizer- surfactant Or this one that is cheaper-but I have not used https://smile.amazon.com/Debubblizer-Surfactant-Ounce-Spray-Bottle/dp/B07KDZMZDY/ref-sr_1_5 crid=1UDYCWLL2OPIM&dchild=1&keywords=debubblizer+surfactant&qid=1597339151&sprefix=debut,aps,184&sr=8-5

Mc Master Carr-https://www.mcmaster.com/orders Love that they ship for free on most items.

Compressed graphite sheet 1276N1 12 x 12 1/16in thick

Fiberglass fabric Flexible Silica Fabric Sheet with Plain Backing, 36” Wide x 0.026” Thick 8799K3 Sold in 1 foot widths (if you buy this, you won’t need the fiber discs from Rio Grande)

  • Additional Information:

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