“Simple but Unique: The Art of the Layered Ring” with E. Douglas Wunder

“Simple but Unique: The Art of the Layered Ring” with E. Douglas Wunder

May 15 & 22, 2021 – 10:00 am to 4:00 pm MST plus office hours for individual help

Skill Level: Intermediate


Questions about this workshop?  You can contact Jeanne Jerousek at jemcaninch@outlook.com or Roni Bader-Tables at prek01@aol.com.


In this workshop, students will discover how to design and construct rings in different layers that flow and function together as a cohesive piece. Titanium and silver will be the core materials used. The exciting process of coloring titanium by means of heat and electricity will be investigated. This two day workshop will include demonstrations, discussion and hands-on experience. Participants should have a basic understanding of metalsmithing and be interested in an imaginative experimental approach to jewelry making.


BIO: The seeds of jewelry design began at an early age and took form in collage. When Doug was five, he started making plastic models. With continued years of interest, he developed many skills for constructing miniature objects and installations. In college at the University of Iowa, Doug gravitated to metalsmithing and jewelry design. He developed a unique style that focused on abstract imagery with the use of titanium and cold connections. By the time Doug graduated in 1989, the years of making models and his education in metalsmithing provided opportunities in professional jewelry design. He started his career by wholesaling his jewelry in galleries, museum gift shops, and special interest stores in the united States. Since 1995, he has shown his work at top-rated craft shows and art festivals across the country such as the Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show, The Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO and the Lakefront festival of the Arts in Milwaukee, WI. Aside from shows and festivals, he has also participated in numerous exhibitions and competitions. Throughout his career Doug has received his share of recognition, including a Saul Bell Design Award in 2018 and an Art of the State award in 2019. Doug has authored magazine articles for Art Jewelry and Lapidary Jewelry/Jewelry Artist Magazine, and he has been represented in many books and periodicals. Working with Kutztown University, he mentors students during the school year through an internship program. He aslo travels to conduct workshops with colleges, art centers, and metalsmithing guilds such as the Florida Society of Goldsmiths, the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and the Snowfarm Craft Program in Massachusetts.



KIT Fees: None

EQUIPMENT NEEDS: Polishing Wheel; Drill Press; Torch & Soldering Station; Third Hands; Sheer; Mini Anvils or Steel Blocks; Spray Adhesive; Bench Pins; Photo Copy Machine

Studio Tool & Material SUPPLY LIST: (1.) 6” x 3” - 22g titanium sheet (Rio Grande: Item# #135-201; (2.) 3”x3” - 22g. Sterling Silver Sheet (Rio Grande #100-459); (3.) 1 ft – 18g. Sterling Silver Round Wire (Rio Grande #100-348); (4.) 3mm Sterling Silver Ring band (Rio Grande #687-082/pick a size 6, 7,8 or 9); (5.) 1 Ft of Sterling Silver Tubing, ID.043” (Rio Grand #100-099); (6.) 1 Doz. 2/0 Gold Laser Saw Blades (Rio Grand #110-306); (7.) Autimatic Center Punch (recommended) (Rio Grande# 118-111; (8.) Mini Anvil or Steel Bench Block (Recommended); (9.) Tack hammer (Hardware Store); (10.) Jewelers Saw Frame; (11.) Mini Drill Press (recommended but not mandatory); ((12.) Assorted Files; (13.) Scriber; (14.) Needle Nose Files; (15.) Flush Cutter ( Recommended), In Addition bring favorite tools, extra materials or findings that you would like to work with.

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